We do have a 30 day money back guarantee for all of our shared hosting plans and 15 days money back guarantee for cloud hosting plans. Our money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that our services will meet the expectations set out in the TOS. To the maximum extent applicable under national law and without affecting your rights as a consumer, the money back guarantee is your sole and exclusive remedy should our services fail to meet the expectations set out in this TOS.

The following conditions apply to our money back guarantee:

  • Service termination requests must be posted through your User Area;
  • Initial orders for hosting services are covered within thirty days from the day we activate the service(s);
  • Renewal orders are not covered;
  • Domain name and Domain Privacy (ID Protect) fees are not refundable and may be due upon cancellation even if waived initially as part of a special promotion;
  • Dedicated Hosting Services, Paid Support or Third Party Services are not covered by the money back guarantee;
  • Reseller packages are only covered if the complete Reseller package is cancelled. The guarantee does not apply to termination of individual accounts in a Reseller package.

How do I cancel my hosting account?

Account cancellation requests are processed directly through your Hostingo User Area. Please log in to your User Area, go to the Billing section and click on Cancel Services. Select the service that you wish to cancel and follow the cancellation steps. If you choose to cancel your account immediately, we strongly recommend that you back up the files you need before your final confirmation. You can find more information about account cancellation and refund policy in our official Terms of Use

Product Not Available For Refunds

New Domain Name Registrations: Refundable if canceled and processed within four days of registration (96 hours).
Domain Name Transfers: Refundable within four days of registration (96 hours) if the registry has not begun the transfer process.

  • Redemption Fees
  • Domain Name Renewals
  • Privacy Protection
  • SEO Toolkit
  • G Suite

Refunds from Balance

Over-funded balance can be refunded within 30 days of the payment that resulted in the over-funding. In special cases, other payments can be refunded instead of the original payment if the 30-day time-frame can be applied to those payments.